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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

When it comes to cloud computing, network infrastructure is key. We offer businesses premium Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that gives you a wide choice of platforms (physical and virtual) in a variety of operating systems – on demand and always on.

You no longer have to install and manage expensive on-site infrastructure. You can get all the capacity, technology, security and flexibility you need from us. We provide you with network power, excellent value, reliable service and constant innovation.

Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering includes:

With our managed dedicated server hosting solutions you can install your own or lease physical servers in our secure data centre environments. These are temperature-conditioned, secure and reliably powered to guarantee your data is always accessible to you anytime you need it.

You get secure space in a cabinet to house your mission-critical equipment, as well as:

  • UPS-protected power
  • Air conditioning
  • A fully managed environment
  • Biometric access control
  • Automatic, immediate power failover to backup generators
  • Copper and fibre lines directly to your server rack
  • Customisable to any size
  • We also provide you with the option of leasing servers for as long as you need them.

Leased Dedicated Server Hosting

Lease a dedicated server from Vodacom, as well as secure space in which to house it in the Vodacom Data Centre. While the hardware remains the property of Vodacom Business, you have full management control over it and can run any software applications you require for your online presence or application needs. Once your lease period is up you can extend the lease of the current hardware, or choose to upgrade.
Leased server hosting options from Vodacom allow you to create a server hosting solution that suits your business requirements, giving you the ability to confidently roll out virtually any type of website or online application for your business, on your own dedicated server.

Leased Dedicated Server Hosting features at a glance:

  • A choice of server hosting cabinet configurations
  • Fixed or burstable bandwidth options
  • Hardware installation, configuration and testing
  • Internet server connectivity
  • Hardware monitoring and warranty maintenance
  • Full remote administration capability
  • Firewall options
  • Onsite tier 1 and 2 engineers

Vodacom’s managed virtual server hosting enables you to rent virtual servers with the ability to configure to your required specifications. This saves you from having to invest in costly servers and allows you to only pay for what you require. You can then remotely access your virtual servers via a secure broadband or VPN connection.

A scalable virtual server hosting solution that saves you money

You can easily scale your virtual server hosting environment up or down as you need to without any business interruption. You can add or remove servers and server resources as you need them. The control is in your own hands.

Cloud manager gives you full remote virtual sever hosting control

You have web portal access to your virtual server hosting environment from anywhere, allowing you to manage it without having to contact a call centre. Support is on hand if you need it, of course.

The cloud manager allows you to treat your virtual resources and data as a private IT cloud. You not only get the power of total control over your IT cloud – you also gain a much clearer and more detailed understanding of your IT use and costs.

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