Hosting Services

Access a range of functionalities and applications simply by connecting to the cloud.

Instead of acquiring, maintaining, upgrading and managing your own infrastructure and software, your business can choose our managed hosted services which transfers the technology risk to us while you focus on your core business.

Our Hosted services enable you to access a range of functionalities and applications simply by connecting to the cloud.

Benefits of our Hosted Services:

  • Reductions in both capital and operational costs
  • Mobile and productive workforce – connect to the cloud from anywhere
  • Access to the latest software and business applications
  • State-of-the-art security from your company network, systems and business applications, right down to your email

Our hosted services include:

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Did you know

We are in over 43 countries in Africa and can give connection to your business to any part of the world

We have a range of high-value products to suit your business.

You can reach our support team via +237 2 33 43 80 56 or +44 2034 81 4648

Why Choose Vodacom

Connecting anytime, anywhere

Wherever your business operates, Vodacom will be there; ensuring that your communications are seamless and efficient and your employees more productive and connected.    

Customized solutions

Our goal is simple: achieve the closest possible match between our services and your needs, and to provide a superior, consistent and differentiated service, consistently at a national and international level so that you can achieve your ambitions.

Committed SLA

Customer service availability as per contract signed for internet links is guarantee. When the internet link availability falls below the said standard, VBC deducts from the next invoice of customer an amount calculated as per the formula mentioned in the contract.

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